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  • Genetic health guarantee
Cane Corso Puppy

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About the Cane Corso

We spent countless hours researching the Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) breed before we finally decided on trying our hand at raising them. Once we made the decision to go ahead, we looked for the “perfect” puppies for 2 1⁄2 years before we finally found them. We were very particular in our search. Temperament and health were the two things we cared about the most. We carefully selected our male and females from great lines with genetically health tested parents by breeders who spent many hours with them before we brought them home. We did our due diligence and as a result we got some amazing puppies who have turned into amazing adult dogs.

Cane Corsos are very large dogs. They were bred to be companions, protectors, and guardians of sheep or cattle. They are very strong both physically and mentally. We wanted trainable companions that would be great protectors of our family and property. Boy, did we find that and more in our Cane Corsos. They are beautiful majestic creatures who will love you to death while destroying your favorite pair of shoes.

Cane Corsos are not for everyone. We carefully select the families our Cane Corso puppies go to. They absolutely need puppy classes, obedience classes, countless hours of socialization, a strong leader, and someone who is going to dedicate the time and attention that they need to grow into the perfect dog and be a great member of the family. Cane Corsos are not for someone who has no prior experience raising a puppy. They are also not for someone who is looking for a small lap dog. Although, Sarge thinks he is a small lap dog. He is happiest sitting on my lap on the couch….all 145 lbs. of him.

It is imperative that a corso puppy know who the leader of the pack is. They must learn to trust and obey their alpha (new human mom or dad). Once they do, you will have the most loyal companion for life. Cane Corsos love being part of a family unit. They are big goof balls who love to play around. They are amazing with children. My two boys can walk our Corsos just about anywhere without a single issue. They obey the kids commands and they definitely protect us wherever we go. They take their job very seriously when they aren’t napping on the couch.

Socializing a Corso puppy is the best thing you can do for them. Ours frequent Country Max, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and anywhere else we can take them inside. They go with us to soccer and baseball games. They need to be introduced to as many people and other animals as possible to ensure good social skills when they are older. We start socializing our puppies as soon as they are born. Once they are weaned they too take trips to the store and ball games to meet new people and other furry friends.

Corsos do shed and need a great deal of exercise. They cannot be cooped up for long periods of time. They will rebel and eat your furniture. They are not apartment dogs. They need room to run and an owner who is going to spend time with them. They do not like to be alone. They crave companionship.

If you have been looking for a giant, goofy best friend who will protect you with their life, look no further. A Cane Corso is sure to steal your heart just like they did ours. Please make sure you are ready for the time and dedication that these dogs require before deciding to bring one home. Do your research. If you’re ready for the commitment, we can connect you with the highest quality Lake Country Canines‘ Corso puppy who will be your lifelong companion. Contact Us today to find out more.

Some of Lake Country Canines’ past Cane Corso Puppies!